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Is it worth it

Been up again from 3 this morning, that's twice his week really you have to think is it worth this bl..dy suffering. Would be 7 weeks Saturday, but getting worse not easier, have picked some good tips up off this great forum like taking patch off earlier to stop the vivid dreams, and cutting the corner off patch to start to reduce down, feel rubbish

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Hi Tracey didnt want to read and run I dont know anything about your quit so cant really comment....all I can say is yes it is worth it please keep it up I got to 3 months last year and started again and have regretted it ever since....lots of the symptoms i have found are not to do with nrt its all about the nicotine leaving your body and your body returning to normal...It will get better hang in there....xxxxx



sorry to hear your struggling hun especially with the sleeping

it will get easier honest i know it dont feel like that atm but stay strong and you will be so proud when you beat this

just remember your on a path to winning your freedom back from this evil monster and you can do it

onwards and upwards is the only way to go

sending (((*hugs*))) your way



As it turns out today i can't go out, as someone coming to collect a parcel between 8 & 6 tonight, just re reading the lovely support messages and trying to hang in there thanks for responding :rolleyes:


Hi Tracey, please stick with it, it is worth it honestly. If you are really struggling with the patches have a word with your doctor or nurse and there might be an alternative method you could use which might help with the sleep disruption, mood swings etc etc. Going back to the fags will only make a mockery of the epic work you have already done, after all seven weeks is no mean feat.


Hi Tracey, if you are having trouble sleeping you may wish to look at your caffeine intake.

Nicotine helps the body get rid of caffeine twice as fast as normal and as a result smokers can metabolise caffeine twice as fast as non smokers.

Smokers who quit, but continue their "normal" caffeine intake, can end up on a constant caffeine high, and due to the artificial boost it gives, struggle to sleep and concentrate.

Try cutting out tea, coffee and other caffeine drinks and products for a while and substitute them with water, decaffinated drinks and, at bedtimes, milky drinks.

It worked for me and I only drink decaffinated PG Tips tea now, it's not bad at all when you get used to it.

Others on here have also recommended taking "Kalms".

It is worth the suffering because eventually it will go away. Think about the suffering you could end up with if you continue smoking and end up with emphysema or worse.

Keep fighting and stay smoke free, it really, really does get better and you will be so proud of yourself in the months to come as you realise you have freed yourself from this addiction.


It is worth it believe me....Please be strong :) x


Still awake

Thank you all so very much it really helps am hoping to get some sleep tonight, Thanks for great advice as usual bit more smily now


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