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7 Months!!


Yet another smokefree month has passed and I almost forgot ... again! :p


213 Days since my last cigarette

2130 Cigarettes not smoked (:eek:)

8 Days 13 Hours added onto my life

Around £800 saved

I actually haven't looked at my app for a while, so these stats are a nice surprise :)

Still have my moments, but they are fleeting and minor in comparison to 6 months ago. I have the odd occasion when a smoke sounds like a good idea, but I spend most of my time wondering why I ever let myself smell so bad!!

Happy non-smoker :D

Sarah Lou xxx

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Well done, Sarah Lou, 7 months is BRILLIANT! I know what you mean about wondering "why?" :o!

I bet you are feeling fabulous now though, aren't you...all fresh and healthy and full of energy! Not to mention all the extra dosh......:D



Another line in the sand stepped over with ease Sarah Lou, great stuff! Firmly on course now for the long term, look forward to your next update. Congrats on 7 months, keep it up! :)

Massive congrats to you :D

Massive well done hun, that's fab :D xx

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