No Smoking Day
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Day 9

Its been a few days since I last posted.

As the title suggests I'm currently on day 9, had a few bad moments over the past few days but Ive managed to get through it.

My chest is really starting to hurt now, I used to lift weights everyday, quite intense workouts. But Ive had to cut it down a bit due to my chest.

Other than that my cravings seem to be minimal but there are times I forget especially after eating I automatically go to roll a fag only to realize that 1. I dont have any and 2. Ive quit. It gets a bit frustrating but that soon passes.

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wtg Beeks, day 9 is a brilliant achievement, the chest will get better it's just busy getting rid of the crap and the "habit" of reaching for a fag will stop soon. Keep that strong attitude and you will kick nicdemon's butt big time :D


Weird place to be i think the second week. Achieved so much but at the same time feel so new in this way of life. Keep going and keep up the good work. When your chest hurts try and think of it as a good thing rather than bad xx


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