Hi Fellow Quitters :)

Hi Everyone,

I've just stumbled on this today as on my 4th day free of smoking. I do miss the habit a little especially when I am bored but the best part is doing things I have wanted to do instead of wasting time outside puffing away.

I've attempted to quit several times before but this time it feels different.

Good luck to everyone here as I know how hard it is and thankful there is this kind of support available to us.


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  • Hi

    I'm 10 days in and feel miles better already! Reading the posts on this forum has really helped, otherwise there is a potential to think it's just you and clearly it isn't - well done!

  • Welcome to the forum - the best advice I can give is to immerse yourself in the collective wisdom of the many long term quitters on the site - just spend every free hour / minute / second reading!!

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