No Smoking Day
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First post in second week!

Wow, I've made it to a different thread!

Day 8 for me now and although I get a niggle re smoking everyone and then, it's nothing like it was...I went to Asda today looking at the tops in George and a woman walked by me and she honked of must have been a minimum of half an hour when she smoked one as she looked like she had been shopping for a while, yet the smell was stale! Oh my gosh, is that what I smelt like :eek: I walked by another guy outside who was smoking, I wondered if the smell would attract me but again, it stank horrible! Is that what I've been craving after!!! glad I'm kicking this monster into touch!

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LOL! yeah it actually smells of cow pat, and thats being polite! and as much as i would like to think i still smelt of roses....its safe to say at some point someone thought we all smelt like that at some point...shameful aint it!

well luckily for us thats a thing of the past ay! :) congrats on your journey x


I don't know if things taste and smell better, fags smell worse, but food smells better :)...taste is good and lager and black tastes different! Was actually quite surprised at isn't as nice but I know it's cos I can taste the lager more, but I'll put up with it :D


Well done on reaching your 2nd week, Nicky! Your lager and black might taste odd, but I bet it's better than the taste and aftertaste of a fag, isn't it!:eek::D Even a mint or some chewing gum only masked the taste/smell for a short time.:(

Down with the nicotine monster.......kick his ass!:D




You are doing fantastic before you know it it will be your first month and you will be smelling like a bed of roses.


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