No Smoking Day
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Day 14.....and just survived first night down the pub!

Just a quick check in as I'm approaching another milestone never thought I would get to!

Out down the pub for a 12 hour session yesterday and no temptation......people are allowed to smoke in bars here but even that was fine, I was actually watching them but feeling sorry for them-think I'm getting there!!!!:)

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Wooo Weeee


That is brilliant

to face going out in a smoking enviorement puts of alot of people until they are well into there quit but you done it on day 14 is amazing

Way to go :D:D


That's flipping fab, massive well done hun!!

Especially as people can smoke in pubs where you are - the smoking ban here definitely helped 'cos a fag and a drink always went together for me, but having to go outside and quitting in December was a help :p


Thanks everyone..........feeling very smug at the moment!! Going to try and not going to get too c0cky though as have slipped up in the past-think your back in control.....I'll only have one blah, blah, blah and then your buying them again.

This time......not one puff ever! Scr*w you Mr Nicotine, big time!!!


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