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Val's Week 3

Week 3. I can hardly believe it.:eek: I wouldn't have made it this far without this place and the lovely people on here though, that is certain.

It's getting a bit tricky at the moment. I think that the initial excitement of quitting has worn off and now it's back to real life, but without the fags. Still, I tell myself that this is what the journey to freedom is like....there are rough bits and you've just got to deal with them if you want to be free, which I do. :(

Someone was unbelievably rude to me this morning and normally I can take any amount of rudeness and insults by rising above it. Not this morning though.:mad: I thought that as soon as I was out of there I'd get some fags (just a pack of 10 :o). But then I thought "I'm blowed if I'll let that person make me spend £3 or £4 on a packet of fags and undo my 2 weeks of hard work", so I didn't. It was quite a struggle, though. It seems that I must take each crave as it comes at the moment.

I think some chocolate and nuts are called for and I'll have a nice evening in front of the telly....Nigel Slater, Mastermind and Gardeners' World! That'll be me sorted and it's something nice to look forward to!



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Thanks, debbie!xxx

That just goes to show what a con it all is, doesn't it! I must remind myself of that, whenever I am tempted (which is quite often, over the past few days:()

Still, I've got a nice evening lined up, so I'll look forward to that. An added bonus is that a box of Maltesers and a packet of nuts is a lot cheaper than a packet of fags.:D




Rude, ignorant people do not deserve your wrath, and that evil nic demon will use any trick to get you back on the wicked weed. Glad you rose above it, enjoy your Teasers, one of my faves too, yum :cool:



Yep some days are a struggle (like mine today) but we are better than that !

Next time I have a crave I am going to hold my breath literally and see how long for ! Because, when you hold your breath you take in. Whole lot of oxygen to get you through it ! That's right O X Y G E N ! NOT 4000 chemicals with the smelly fags....WE ARE CLEAN AND MEAN ! he he he he...we fight till the end !


That's my Motto for today anyway....what's yours ? (That could start up a new thread possibly ) :)



Thank you jenninegs, Max and woo!xxx

Today has been a bit better than the past few days. It should get easier from now on I understand. Although there will be tricks from Mr. Smelly Nicotine, I am sure.:eek: He is an evil little ratbag and doesn't know when to give up.....unlike we quitters! :D



PS woo....I've been noticing how easier it is to get a good lungful of oxygen. It's an absolute treat, isn't it!:)


way to go

Hi Val :)

so so happy for you hun to be into week 3

that is epic


and next week your entering a different zone altogether


how awesome is that

you are doing so well and staying so strong

if you keep that mindset and keep ignoring those pesky thoughts of just one wont hurt you will soon be reaching more and more milestones in this epic journey :)

onwards and upwards is the only way to go


Carol xx


Massive well done to you Val, 3 weeks already? Time flies doesn't it? :eek:

The nicodemon will use any excuse to try to get you to smoke, so ignore the stinky git!!

Definitely don't smoke because of some ignorant twit, but it does show how deep smoking goes in your mind, and like Max said it's a flipping con!!

I mean if you'd been a smoker that twerp would still have been rude and you'd still have been p'ed off with him - but the demon says "if you smoke everything will be fine" but it won't!!

Keep on going hun, soon you'll be in the months not weeks :D


Belated thanks carol, Gemma and Kat!xxx

Bl**dy fags. I hate them. Why did I ever start? I dread to think how many thousands of pounds I've wasted over the years.:mad: I couldn't start to work it out because they were quite cheap 41 years ago, but then successive governments decided to slap a huge and ever-increasing tax on them. I remember thinking things like "I'll stop when they are £1 a pack." "I'll stop when they are £2 a pack". "I'll stop when they are £3 a pack." and so on and so on.:mad:

Anyway, no good harping on about the past; what's done is done. It's the future that matters and the future is freedom, better health and lots of money saved!:D

Feeling quite good today....hooray!:eek::D




Hey Val, so glad you're feeling good today - I'm like you, if I'd have known how much this blasted filthy habit would cost me, in money and health, together with how hard it is to stop, I don't think I would ever have started - but we've seen the light and nicodemon for what he is. Just keep thinking chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate ;)



Thats great to hear Val


you keep on top of that nasty smoking demon and you will fly through the months

i often wonder how much money i would have had if i hadnt been burning it in my mouth :eek: and smelling horrid in the process

but now with the extra i have i tend to treat my grandson or treat myself to some beautiful crystal gemstones :D:D:D


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