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stopping with a smoker in the house :-(

It is nearly the end of my second evening without a fag (I am finding the mornings and the evenings the hardest) But, the most difficult thing at the moment is trying to beat this thing with a smoker in the house..he has just had a fag in the other room (even though I have requested him to smoke outside for the first week) and the smell is so strong!!!

What I am worried about (and you can call me an idiot if i am been dramatic) is me inhaling his smoke is it putting nicotine and other chemicals back in my body...after I have gone through cold turkey for 2 days!!!???

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He isn't putting nicotine into you hun, but IMO he's being very selfish by not smoking outisde when he knows you're trying to stop!!

Tell him if he doesn't want very wet fags to take himself outside before sparking up. :p


ha! you could cut the air with a knife in my living room right now....he is in a bigger mood than me :D


Can you still get those joke bangers to put in fags? :p


I no how u feel, my dads wife smokes in the living room.., every chance I get I have to take the ashtrays back out in the garden... I dont want to annoy people too much tho, she does go outside when im in the same room, but then im stuck picking up fag butts as shes bought all the ashtrays back in... ask for some respect and support, if I was you I would of had a fag by now so well done



living with a smoker is hard but if they are not willing to go outside to smoke perhaps you could ask them to smoke in just one room with the window open and light a scented candle to help with the smell or get one of those plug in air fresheners for that room

you will get used to it and it will start to smell disgusting and when you really want to smoke go and smell a ciggie butt or the ashtray it will soon put you of


well done on getting into day 3 :)


Hi SweetB,

I think you should feel sorry for him! Why?? you ask...He is probably feeling jealous and maybe it is also making him feel a bit insecure.

Jealous as isn't it every smokers true wish deep down that they want to give up? You ask any smoker that if someone could wave a wand, give thema single pill that would stop them from smoking/make them for get they ever smoked and have no withdrawa symptoms, what do you think their answer would be :rolleyes:

Insecure as he is realising how strong you are being. Will he have that strength? will people start to ask him when he is giving up? Men don't like to feel they are not strong enough to do something and mental strength is a lot more powerful than physical.

why not as it is still warm get a chair in the garden with the ashtray? Then in the winter he can move into the shed lol:D I am at the stage now where I smell it if someone is walking past my house with a fag on the go!

Good luck with your quit, just another 24 hours and you are over the worst.

I look forward to reading of your journey.

Trea xxx


Can you still get those joke bangers to put in fags? :p

Heh! Brilliant!


Yes! I think that could be it.....He left work this morning leaving a cig on the worktop in the kitchen...with a note 'just incase'.....I ran it under the tap as if it was a bomb!!

Feeling edgey today...not enjoying this AT ALL...but are we suppose to?? well, another day ahead....struggling through ;)


Hi SweetB, My partner refused point blank to hide his tobacco and papers away in the first four weeks of my quit and even though he did go outside to smoke ( I could smell it still) just seeing the stuff on the side was such a temptation. Funny thing is he is now into his second week of quitting, and no surprise he got rid of all smoking paraphernalia as soon as he stopped :mad: The second hand smoke won't hurt you but lack of support will, I don't think I could have got this far without the brill peeps on this site :cool:, stick with it, you will be surprised how much easier it starts to get soon.


Can only stay stick at it. It does get easier, it is well worth it. One day at a time only way to approach it.


Hi SweetB,

I am currently going through my quite and my husband is a smoker. He has helped probably more than could be reasonably expected.

We have always smoked outside so that aspect hasn't been a problem, although the smell when he comes back in at first made me feel sick. I have found that in the last couple of weeks I have been going outside with him whilst he smokes as I miss our chats on the doorstep, it also helps make him smell less strong when he comes back in.

I only ever smoked rolling tobacco, so we agreed between us that no more rolling tobacco would enter the house again and he would stick to smoking the normal pre-rolled cigarettes.

When watching television, we could never watch a full hour programme without going out for a fag, so we now have a rule that we dont have a break during an hour programme, he is free to go outside and smoke but I will continue watching regardless! This has worked brilliantly and has helped my husband cut down.

We also talked about the points in the day where it was hardest to break the routine of me having a cig. The hardest one was straight after food, so he agreed that he would not have a cig straight after eating to help me, instead we will wash up or finish the programme we have started watching, rather than immediately putting down the knife and fork and running outside for a cig!

It is not easy living with someone that smokes, so I just thought I'd share a few things me and my husband have done to help me. We have found my quit very much a team effort and compromises have had to be made.

Hope that helps and stay strong. :)


With that last post SweetB he is definitely jealous ! OMG you wouldn't do that to a Heroine Addict would you !

Sorry to say this but THAT would make me Stronger !!


When he sees you are serious he might think about what he wants to do and then you can help him...pity him DON'T envy him.

And...if I were you I would not bring up anything about that cigarette ! See what he says when he next sees you !



I had a thing about smoking areas when I first quit, about how new quitters should avoid them without fail, and I was told in no uncertain terms that it was me that was quitting, the world would carry on, and that I should just let them get on with it. The same principle was quoted about resident smokers too, by a few older quitters that don't seem to be around on here much now.

It helped me personally, stopped me worrying about what everyone else was doing and helped me concentrate on myself.

I realise it's not good advice for everyone but I stopped getting resentments left right & centre!!!!


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