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Day Two - Part 1 of 2

Today's been pretty different than yesterday. I live in Canada (I forgot to mention that in my "Day One" post Just so everyone is aware of why I like using numbers + explaining my thoughts, it's so I can see how much of an impact smoking has had on my life so far. I don't want to imagine another five years of this.

Today is Labour Day - everything is closed, which means I'm off and have nothing to do. All of my friends went off to their Universities & Colleges today, while yet again, I'm taking a second year off. It's not that I don't want to continue my education, it's that financially it isn't an option. This leads us to two points:

• MONEY - Smoking vs. Financial Stability

• What in the hell am I suppose to do to keep my mind occupied?


In all reality, can anyone truly afford smoking nowadays? If it's not burning a whole in your wallet, it's deteriorating your health - it's a slow suicide, if you will. Up here in Canada, cigarettes range from $4 (£2.44) packs to $12 (£7.33). I don't know if it's the same in the UK, but that's not important, the point is is a pack a day could potentially land you a $84 (£51.30) weekly tab or a monthly bill of $336 (£205.18). That's about 3.4% of my yearly tuition. If I quit for a year, assuming every pack I use to buy was the crème de la crème of cigarettes, that's $4032 (£2462.21)! That's literally 41.1% of my tuition. Almost half. Seeing these numbers for the first time is a swift kick to the butt. Therefore, I'm going to give a swift kick to the butts! Haha get it? It's punny.

Boredom - I need HELP

I've always been a social outcast. I don't make friends too easily, so I don't have a social life to keep me distracted. Smoking eased me of the anxiety being an outcast caused. Not only am I quitting smoking, I am doing a whole life overhaul. I need to put myself out there to meet people - I just don't have the balls, quite frankly. I do have small hobbies such as photography, painting, sketching and all of those fun things, but it doesn't seem like it's enough to keep my mind distracted. I need some pointers on how to deal with the mental-addiction. What have, or are, you guys doing to deal with it???

This is only part one of two because the day's half over and I'm struggling. Any advice will not be taken lightly at this point.


- Landon

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Hi Landon

glad to see your still with us :)

distraction is the key to stop your smoking mind from doing your head in with those thoughts of smoking

what about taking up anew hobby or just doing more of what your doing and you can always set yourself little goals and self treats when you are finished or after so long

i do know that for afew knitting and crochet cooking has helped afew have taken up anew hobby in running or cyclying

i started doing meditation eft(emotional freedom technique its also called tapping) and practising mindfulness there are lots of videos on youtube you can watch to get you started

i also started playing some new online games that really helped and when im able to i also love to create one of a kind pieces of jewellery

but everyone is different

i do recommend you get a jar and put the money you would have spent on ciggies into it so you can see it grow and then when its full open a seperate account to put it in and spend some of it on yourself as treats

hope that helps


congratulations on day 2.

Boredom, I used this site and games on facebook:confused:

Confidence, you wait, as a non smoker you will have so much more confidence, I have always been pretty confident so it is something I really notice in so many posts of how much more confident so many people are when they have quit.

Did you say you are using patches? if it is a real struggle, give it a rub for a few minutes then let the magic work ;) let me know if that helps, I found it did with me.

keep going, it gets easier

Trea xx


Hi Landon,

That was a lovely honest post, you recognising your problems and you are half way there. I am not a social outcast but I don't have many friends who I can call on. My partner does 12 hour shifts and I am not working and I do have a hell of a lot of time on my hands. Of course lots of my time is spent on chores around the house that have to be done, but still leaves me pulling my hair out !

I have redecorated and painted my lounge which I am so pleased about.

Am regularly using my gym now :) where I have found a New Passion !

Running ! Since I've packed up I have gained about 9lb, it's not megga I know but I just can't shift it. So I started running on the treadmill and found because NOW I DON'T SMOKE I can do it ! It's a very gradual process because you have to build up. I have an iPhone and downloaded an app "Couch to 5k" and I am currently on just day 3 :) So watch this space.

Sorry Landon, I am not making this all about me, hope it does not seem that way, but what I am trying to say might seem obvious but you have to find a passion. Mind you, my gym ain't by no means "friendly" because no one dam talks ! But my plan is when I am more advanced I will join a running club. Get my drift ?

I know exactly what you are saying because time on your hands is harder to break a habit.

What are your hobbies ? Thank God for the Internet eh !

Good Luck Landon and do use this website - we are all here, I feel I have many friends now on here and I did not have that smoking :)

Keep up the good work and keep us posted yeah !




Thanks Max I've had 129 days practise....been on here all morning !!


hey landon, just read your post and wondered how your doing today?

unlike some of the others here i am not great at conveying my feelings through the typed word but i just wanted you to know that smoking does not help you with that anxiety of not fitting it, you think it does when your smoking, i remember feeling it at parties and stuff, when i felt awkward i could always pop out and hang with the smokers but its a lie, giving up gives your confidence such a boost, your quest in growing a pair will be half way there.

Better to be a social outcast than a social chamaleon i say, you sound young and i know its important to fit in but you sound like a great person and people will be drawn to you the stronger you become and the better you feel about yourself. Hang on in there with the smoking, it will be sooo worth it and were all here when you need us.



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