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Day 1 minus35


Hello everyone!

I'm Ropemaker and I smoke 10 a day.

I randomly quit back in December 2011, and was smoke-free for about 4 months, and then I started to slip. Within those smoke free months, I noticed my general health increase. I looked better and put on some weight. Can't remember how much weight I gained but I looked fuller. I've always been under-weight (genetics), and since I started smoking again I've dropped my weight back to 8 stone. I'm 5ft 8in.

So, I'm hoping to quit smoking just so I can gain some weight and have glowing skin again! This combined with my weight training routine (I honestly believe that this smoking is preventing me from making muscle gains), I should be able to put on some size.

I'm hoping to quit smoking in October in line with Stopober. So, I have 5 weeks to cut down or smoke as much as possible until the end of the month!! Probably the latter, as I'm an idiot. haha.

Few questions for you lovely people:

What is the rate of weight gain?

When do the depression symptons disappear?

How will I cope given I smoke 10 a day, I smoke Malboro Gold which aren't too strong?

Any advise/alterations to this plan?


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Hi welcome to the forum!

Similar to you I have always been slightly underweight. Before quitting I weighed under seven stone which was not as much as I would like. In the first two weeks I seemed to gain weight rapidly and by the second week I weighed 7 and a half stone and for the moment that seems to have been where its stopped.

I found when quitting it wasn't the amount of cigerettes I smoked a day that was a struggle, it was the certain ones that I always smoked at the same time day in day out, like the ones straight after a meal, and the last one before bed that were the most difficult ones to deal with.

Good luck with your quit, this forum is really a great place for help and advise. :)

Hello, Ropemaker and welcome!

The support on here is second to none. Why not stop now? It's easy to say "I'll quit at the end of the month", but then when the end of the month comes, there will be a host of reasons to continue smoking! I say "reasons", but I really mean "excuses"! Why am I saying this? Because I used to do that!

When I had a pack of 100, I was sure that I would quit when they were gone. But when I got down to about the last 10 I'd wimp out!:o

Go it! There is so much support on here that can get you through any rocky patches. :)

I stopped today.....why don't you join me?....I have been 'planning' this stop for the last 5 years...crazy really,well, 24 hours done for me-not too dramatic a day xxx

Hi all,

Many thanks for the responses! They were all brilliant!

Just a quick update, I've decided to stop smoking as of tomorrow. Will finish my pack of today, and won't be buying anymore. I got a E-cig with a low nicotine liquid at home which I hope to use if need be.

It's going to be a tough week but I will succeed.

I'll also be posting daily updates in regards to my weight gain (main reason I'm quitting to be honest!), appetite, mood, feelings (why not lol) and any other ramblings I can thing of!

Roll on 6pm! (when I finish work!)

Hi and congrats ! I stopped smoking 3 days ago and feel awesome. As you said, I notice a glow to my face and people have actually noticed and said what have I used on my face ! I also feel a lot more energy, feel a lot stronger. It's early days but I am determined to stay off the cancer sticks. I will be 4 days into my quit when u start tomorrow so if u have any questions feel free to ask.

Also, well done and together we can do it !

Hi Ropemaker... I too am genetically on the slim side and I've been eating like 2 horses since I quit (always did eat like 1 horse anyway!) but have only gained 4 pound in nearly 6 months so don't hold your breath :rolleyes:

There are plenty of other great reasons to be stopping so enjoy your quit and all the good things it brings :)

If it's any consolation Kat, I'm still suffering with quit zits :mad:

Mind you, makes me look younger being spotty so not all bad news ;)

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