No Smoking Day
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New Me

Old me - Sitting in garden smoking and thinking just one more before I do (whatever) I am doing......

New Me - Going to the gym and doing day 2 of Couch to 5k

Never did I think of me doing that ! I couldn't run for half a second without gasping for air ! Now I am aiming to run for A WHOLE HALF HOUR !!

How cool is that !

Yet another benefit of not smoking !

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Wow Weee


How amazing is that

you go girl


have a great day hun x


Thank You Carol - feels great to feel great (if you get my meaning hahaha)


Oh wow look at you go!!

It's lovely, really lovely to see you so happy with your new you :D :cool:

Wooo for Woo!!


Thanks Gemma :) I make the most of those happy times - especially when feeling mentally drained at the mo...onward and upward !


Well done, you have certainly made some changes and all for the better, you go girl! Running is sooo good for you.:)


Oh thanks everyone !

Day 3 tomorrow of my run.

Had a rest today lol. Been a bit down in dumps today, but looking forward to my run. I so admire people that run - I want to be one of them - want to get to that stage where it is addictive. It makes you feel so good after.

Wouldn't be able to do it if I smoked !

This forum is getting addictive too ! Thanks again :)


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