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Joel Spitzer

Joel Spitzer has a lot of videos online on stopping smoking, his first basic "how to quit smoking" talks so much sense and i find him strangely theraputic just to watch and listen to.

I have followed his advice and gone cold turkey and doing it one day at a time, like he says no-one has ever given up for a year that hasn't done a day first! love this man.


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I've seen Joel's videos and I must say he has remarkable insight for someone who has never smoked... if that sounds sarcastic, it is absolutely not meant that way; he really 'gets it', and the videos are well worth a watch if you haven't come across them before.


Washing up bottle test YUK !


I've seen his videos too and his pages are still bookmarked should I quickly need reminding!

Have you see. What he does with the washing up bottle ? I tell you please see it on YouTube because its this that has got me through a lot of tempting almost giving up days. I just think of that test. It makes me shudder to see that smoke fill up!


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