No Smoking Day
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6 months today

I am thrilled to bits to be able to say that it's now 6 months since I quit smoking. Half way to the penthouse. It's been a rocky road sometimes on this journey, tears and tantrums especially in those early weeks, but never once did I doubt that I could continue on. I know it would have been a much more difficult journey if it weren't for the wonderful people on this forum I thank you all. Kat I am ready for that gin and tonic you promised

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A wonderful achievement you must be so proud six months equals brilliant! I am looking forward to when I can announce I have been a non-smoker for six months.


Good Job Jeannie! Well done! :D


That's absolutely brilliant Jeannie, huge well done to you!!



That's such a great achievement ! Well Done ! x


Jeannie Not Jeanie sorry x


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