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Another day and I promise I won't smoke today

No matter how much I think I might want a cigarette as soon as I had it, I'd wish I hadn't. What kind of weird f@cked up thing is that. So I know from the past the only answer is not to smoke - I'm not worried about the future, just not smoking today is good enough for me.

Thanks for all the support yesterday, it's very much appreciated :)

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thats the key hun is to just concentrate on one day at a time if you think to far into the future your just giving yourself more grief

so one day at a time and even breaking that down into hours is the best way to nail this quit

keep posting and keep repeating i will not smoke today like a mantra

you can do this

we are here to help encourage and support you when needed


Hey, thanks for the reply. I kept my promise, and now I've made myself a deal that no matter what happens today I wont smoke!


I think just worrying about today is a great attitude neveragain.

I'm also day 5, cold turkey and not having any major problems except for a crazy appetite! but when i look back on my past quits (that obviously failed) i think my main problem was when i started thinking about not smoking for the rest of my life way too early in the quit. It made me feel like it was such a big deal whereas one day at a time is quite manageable.

Good luck, stay strong, xxx


Yep, I agree - so many failed attempts in the past went something like this - I'll really miss smoking when [I'm on holiday/after a beer/with my smoking mate] - or whatever other event was on my mind. Then I'd think well, maybe if I get that far it'll be ok to have just one or two on that occasion - then you mentally have crossed the line back into smoking again and you then say, well if I'm going to smoke then its OK to have the odd one every now and then - which means its ok to have one now...... :-(

Such a powerfull mental battle, its now much simpler for me, I won't smoke today. Thats all. Next week, next year, next time I see my smoking mates - well they'll take care of themselves when they come around. For now Im just not going to smoke today.



its that simple in a way of choosing not to smoke and saying your not going to smoke on a daily basis does help also just concentrating on each day as it comes along too is a big plus as thinking of the future can be scary in the early days of a quit

and all the first things after you quit is going to be abit hard as your smoking brain is mentally telling you that you normally smoke when you do this

you just have to keep reminding yourself that you dont need to smoke that your choosing not to



i agree with Max

i will always be a smoker that chooses every day not to smoke

that way then i am under no illusions that smoking even one will help because it wont

plus being part of the NOPE group is a lifetime membership :)

short for Not One Puff Ever

and i have gotton out of the habit now of saying it every day but i did have it on my phone as a daily reminder to say it going of every morning for about umm 12 months i do have a terrible memory so used to forget :o :p


I don't think most quitters ever see themselves as non-smokers mate.I know I don't-I am a smoker who realises that smoking is a disastrous thing to keep doing and so I have stopped. I no longer think about smoking,it's a thing I see some other people do and I always think how sad they look :rolleyes: but in the wrong horrible combination of catastrophic events,I would without doubt reach for a fag.:eek: That is a fact and will always be so, so a non-smoker I ain't.

I agree :)

I'm a smoker, have been since I lit my first fag and will be until i die - basically 'cos it's a lifelong addiction - however I am a smoker who isn't going to smoke today.


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