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Still battling on

Haven't posted for a while so thought I would let you know I am still battling on with my quit. I have had some strange moments, last week whilst out with my mates I started rummaging through my handbag looking for my cigs. Blind panic set in for a few moments before I remembered I don't smoke now. Why I forgot I have no idea, another time I woke up in the middle of the night with a massive crave, never smoked a cig during the night so that was strange. I have laughed about it all since but it has made me realise I have to keep my guard up and not get complacent. In 12 days time I will be 6 months quit, not about to give in now. Otherwise I am feeling great. Can swim 80 to 100 lengths in my pool without needing an oxygen tank on my back, (it's only a small pool, 8 metres long) but I could never have done that before, about 20 lengths was my limit without puffing and panting.

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Jeannie Not Battling Wacking The nicotine monster into submission

jeannie you go girl you have the monster well under control now. The health

benefits alone certainly make this quit a permanent fixture, I no myself the

extra oxygen pumping round my system certainly improves my lung capacity.

Dont get complacent now I have been there in the past, stopping is forever

now no surrender , we are no longer a slave to the nicotine monster I look

forward to seeing you you making the 6 month mark something I look forward

to doing myself soon


Have a large gin and tonic with ice and lemon please Kat. Looking forward to it


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