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Hello everyone just an update

Hi Everyone,

Ive been gone for a while now. Thought i would just give you all a quick update as to what i am up to.

I have fallen off the wagon big time. Yeah i know more broken promises to my wife. I suck right?

Anyway i got a lot of stuff going on at the moment. Seems i gotta get more than the smoking issue under control so i guess i gotta prioritise.

The smoking seems to be not as important in light of recent life so although i am still determined to give it another go i gotta focus on more pressing issues first.

Just thought i owed you guys a bit of an explanation as to my sudden vanishing act.

I'll be about here and there and as soon as i am ready i'll come back properly.

Sorry to be a dissapointment people. Your support and help during my brief stint was very helpful and i hope to ask you for it again at some point soon.

Take care and keep fighting the good fight without me for a bit longer.

J Dog


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ahh dont be so hard on yourself hun these things arnt easy

take your time and you dont have to be quit to come and post on here so dont be a stranger



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