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Day 3 nearly done

Well on day 3 now , using nrt 24hour patch 21mg and using inhalator although only using one cartridge per day ...So far no real cravings quite surprised ...

feeling a tad sick at times tho , so wondering if im using to much nrt ...

dreading the withdrawal from nrt :eek:

been smoking 20-30 roll ups per day and a smoked for 24 years

Gave up on 9/08/2013 at 15.45pm ( now a non smoker):D

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Don't worry about coming off the NRT. I worried about that too but it's a gradual process. I used the same as you and also the mini lozenges. I couldn't have done it without the inhalator in the beginning. Hard to believe its 14 months since I quit and that was after 50 years. You can do it.:)


thank una , i will try :D


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