No Smoking Day
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Lets do this!!!!

I just made an account because today is my Day 1, as of 41 minutes ago i have stopped smoking, i have had 2 failed attempts already but i was weak then, this time i am stronger. It is my birthday on Thursday and i'll be 24, so this is my excuse, growing up and being more responsible and not poisoning myself. I have been smoking since i was 18 on and off but when i hit 20 i was smoking 20 a day. Even though this is bad i have never smoked more than 20 a day and cant believe some people could smoke any more than 20!. Now im rambling, Anyway, Day 1 has officially begun and i am in need of support so im hoping you guys welcome me with open arms !


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Congratulations on your first steps. However whatever way you are quitting you are on your way to being smoke free.

It's not easy but draw from everyone's experiences on the wonderful site.

We are all behind you !



Welcome!! :)

It's good to stop now because it definitely gets harder later on. I quit at 24 for 18 months, and stopping then was a breeze compared to stopping at 28 :eek:

We'll be here to help you through :)

How are you quitting?

Even though this is bad i have never smoked more than 20 a day and cant believe some people could smoke any more than 20!.

Me neither until I started doing it, it can creep up on you :eek: Could never smoke more than 30 though 'cos my mouth and throat wouldn't let me



Congratulations on your decision to quit it's the most important decision of your young life you will be tempted along the way but resist the temptation and you will have a much longer and healthier life and happier life and if that isn't enough a wealthier life so good luck.


it has been a long while now, i havent smoked but it has been very difficult. I just cant seem to stop thinking about having one, this is so weird because it is the longest i have gone without smoking in a long long time.

When will the cravings calm down? when will i stop thinking about them every second? AHHHHHHH!!

I've been chewing gum a lot , regular not nicotine. I find it helps me calm down a little. This is tough but im not going to give in


Going through my first day too videogamer. Nearly broken a couple of times but I have a nictotine spray which I find helps, and also some sour fruit pastilles when it gets really bad which bizzarely take my mind off it!

Otherwise I'm just trying to keep busy - did a huge pile of ironing this afternoon. Keep going :)


unfortunatly i relapse... but ive ordered a vaporiser and some liquid with nicotine so im going to give that a go to help me. I will gradually lowed the nicotine dosage over time and wont smoke any real cigerettes... im hoping.

The last time i bought one of the electronic cigerettes it was a cheap one and broke within a few hours, after it broke i had a smoke and the taste of the real cigerette was disgusting. even though i continued smoking i know that i can give up with this vaporiser.


You can do it - I relapsed seven times before I finally completed my first full 24 hours. The important thing is not to give up on giving up.


It's all about getting back on the horse. You may have had a relapse but it's not the end of the world. Take one day at a time and you'll realise you've gone a couple of weeks in no time at all.


Congrats for making the best decision you will ever make! If you do play video games (I have all my life, they are wonderful!) then I highly recomend having extended play sessions, even whilst smoking if I was 'in the zone' I would forget about smoking for as long as I was playing. Also, physical exercise really helps a lot, oh and eating too, basically do anything to take your mind of the initial crave which really does get much easier by the way. Keep at it :)


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