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day 5 staying alive

This is my first post, my name is Michael, I'm 22 and I've been smoking for 7 years. Today is day 5 cold turkey, and I feel happy that i stumbled across this page because these urges are strong and reading really helps. I have made so many attempts to quit but this time is different. I'm not half-assing this one. I'm tired of lying to myself and being a bad influence on others. this has to stop and i need to stay strong for more than just myself. I have also given up smoking the 'reggae' plant and drinking alcohol because i know those make my urges worse. I am not usually the type to reach out for help but this is important and I'm glad I'm not going through this alone. much love to all going through this, lets beat this evil to the ground and be free! x

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Hi Michael

I wish I had your determination when I was 22 but I didn't I am now 65 and I have stopped smoking eight days but I am afraid it's too late, the smoking damage has already been done! By stopping now I know my health will improve to a certain extent so I am determined to never smoke again. So do yourself a massive favour Michael and never smoke again. Good luck


Hi Michael

Very odd, but i'm 22 and stopped 5 days ago aswell! Had a stint last summer where I went 2 month but started again for various reasons. Anyways!

If this is your first time giving up properly I suggest lots of exercise and tea. Bit gay but maybe even green tea which will flush everything out and make you healthy (at least that helped me combat the issues). You need to remember this.

1. You will feel weird for while like someone has punched you in the brain or just very out of it.

2. It will get better

3. In 2 weeks it will feel like you're on top of the world.

4. Take it each day as it comes as you'll feel much better

Hoped this helped!


thank you!

Thank you Rex and Alex for your kind and inspiring words, you both have helped me feel a lot better today. I have been walking my dog, running, boxing, drinking lots of water and tea and I feel pretty good! :) I wish you both the best in this battle we're going through, stay strong, go bravely on, and tomorrow we can all wake up a bit stronger to face another day.


Brilliant Michael - i started smoking around 22 and without a doubt my only regret in life but nearly 20 years on am finally at the end of month 2 of my final quit. Glad you have the sense to quit whilst your ahead as many of us on here wish we had. Cold turkey and day 5? Wow - amazing, that takes a lot of strength and character. Well done you and keep going...


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