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Still going strong!!

Hi All

Just a quickie to say its so great to log on here after a number of months and see a number of familiar faces and names still going strong on their quits MASSIVE CONGRATS all of you!! And the amount of support a lot of you give is awesome too!

I never thought I would say this but I completely forgot my six month anniversary! It's so normal not to smoke now. In those first days and months i was counting the seconds, then minutes, then hours, then days since my quit. I remember strangely day 11 feeling so hopeless, that it felt like FOREVER since I had quit but it wasn't even 11 days!!

And suddenly its erm let me check 6 months and 9 days!! Wowser! And I haven't even noticed! Ok I have put on a few pounds (one of the reasons I didn't want to quit!!) but EVERYONE says I look healthier and happier.. And NONE of them new I was a smoker! But life in general is so much easier, no hiding, no showering before meeting friends and family ... No gallons of perfume! My cough has gone and I don't get out of breath anymore!

I still sometimes fancy a cig and sometimes dream I have smoked but no going back now!

Anyway everyone who is trying.. Keep ruddy trying you will crack it eventually!!

My stats (first time I have checked in three months!!):

3799 cigs not smoked

£1671 saved

Over two weeks added to my life!!

But bigger stats for me:

Sleep better

Digestion better

Smell better

And can smell better!

Sense of taste better

And GOT MY LIFE BACK! I couldn't even remember the URL for this forum!!!

Keep it up everyone and thank you all as always!!


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