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Made it into Month 2 !!

Hello again to all of you fellow quitters and well done!

I haven't posted on this forum for a few weeks, mainly because I've been getting my head down and just getting on with my quitting, however very pleased and proud to say that it is now 4 whole weeks since I smoked my last cigarette, and I am now into my second month smoke free.

Obviously the last month has had its moments, and temptations but the balance has slowly been shifting from the constant cravings to now hardly thinking about smoking at all. A couple of times a day I still get blindsided by craving but manage to put it to one side and carry on.

In some respects the best reward came on Friday just gone. Some of you may have read that my motivation came from my three year old copying me smoking 4 weeks ago 'to be like daddy' and that was the point I decided enough was enough. Jump forward to Friday just gone and my 3 year old son decided to tell Grandma very proudly that 'daddy doesn't buy cigarettes anymore!'

This just reminded me how selfish smoking makes us and controls us, and I am over the moon that I have made it this far, and when discussing it with someone the other day I told them I think the 'fear' of giving up is much worse that the actual giving up.

Anyway back to work now and I hope to check in with you all again soon.

Good luck to all of those just starting on their journeys and well done to all of those more progressed than me!


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Well done Matt :D

thats a great post to be reading

reading that post reminded me of what made me decide to quit for good and that was my daughter telling me she was worried about my oldest grandson who was always fascinated with me whenever i rolled a ciggie and used to stand at the door when i went outside to smoke he started carrying a crayon around and pretending to smoke and told mummy that when he grew up he wanted to smoke just like nanny :eek:

so i made a plan and quit i had an added incentive afew weeks after i quit when my daughter made me a nanny again and this one has never known me as a smelly nanny and never will

onwards and upwards is the only way to go




i recall

original post - well done - thats ace! smoking causes the fear - and we are all freeing ourselves of it!


Well done on making it to month 2. I hope you're starting to find it easier. If your 3 year old has noticed that you're not buying cigarettes anymore then that must be because he has picked up the good vibes that you're probably giving off now as you feel a lot better about yourself.


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