No Smoking Day
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This time last week

I drunkenly typed with whats the point - people helped me on here and i didn't smoke. Yesterday I noticed i didn't think about smoking at all... incredible!..all i'd say is when you get that feeling you cant cope - i promise you it passes, it is temporary and you will feel amazing for gritting teeth!!! being a non smoker means you can enjoy not having a fag more than you ever enjoyed having one - i promise!!:)

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Well done Danny!

A great piece of advice :) Things really do get easier and you start to enjoy being smoke free and not having to rely on the nasty nicotine. Well done, keep up those positive vibes!


this forum

this forum has helped the most though! - i love it so much i am nearly up to 20 visits a day, i have forum breaks at work and even wear a forum patch on long flights (sorry the sun has got to me i think!) - it really helps though!!!


wean not my friends

I think we stay on!!! it is good for us (and good for others), it is free, it is loving and supportive, it brings people together too (in fact it is everything that smoking is not but pretends to be!) so stay and enjoy not smoking!


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