No Smoking Day
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Thoughts on Day 5

Status Update - I made it through day 4 with very few issues. Still experiencing some anxiety, general fogginess, and a little bit of melancholy. My biggest issue is my sinuses are going crazy and I feel like a cold is coming on but that will just make me want to smoke less.

So I was out with a friend a few weeks ago and I overheard her say that she didn't want to quit smoking because last time she tried she gained 10+ lbs. Now I have to say that since quitting this week I have been eating like a pig and my jeans are getting tighter around the waste. Gaining weight isn't great for our bodies or health either, and it's harder to take weight off than to put it on. Sure you may gain a few pounds this month, but with all the discipline you have from quitting smoking, you can lose those pounds next month. Personally, my weight fluctuates around the same 10 lbs all the time, so I will take the short term weight gain over the long term smoking. Last time I tried to quit smoking was over a year ago, all because nicotine creates all of these short term discomforts. I can't put it off any longer. If I do, it could be another year, or two or five.

Congratulations to everyone who has made it this far and farther. I hope we can all focus on our long term goal, and these short weeks of misery will be the final price we pay for smoking. Good health to us all!

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I don't generally put weight on when I give up smoking,I stock up on seeds and fruit and have been eating a punnet of cherries a day.Loads of gum and water and doing some exercise to fill the void of smoking............but as you said who cares about a few pounds anyway,as long as you don't substitute one vice for another:D


trouble is as food tastes sp much nicer,its natural we want to eat more of


Alot of people use excuse "ill put on weight", i know I was one of them lol. This time around I started exercising every morning,drinking 2-3 l water a day and eating lots of fruit and actually lost 5 1/2 inches in total in short period of time lol . Losing a bit of weight will be so much easier then quitting that disgusting habit again lol so I wouldnt worry too much


Sugar free sweets

During my quit I have been having a few sugar free sweets not to alleviate a craving or maybe it is but for something to do and as it happens for health reasons I am on a non-fat diet and sugar free so besides becoming a non-smoker I will be a thin non-smoker lol.


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