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It's been a roller coaster....


So I first joined here in 2011, I stopped on 6 January - lasted for just over a year - then just one turned into two turned into....well many of you know the story.

I've spent the last ten months battling again, a few days and a fail, a few weeks and a fail, but every time I've climbed back on and tried again.

I just passed 50 days, the longest yet and now I am just so,so,so,so tired of fighting wanting a cigarette I just couldn't face starting again, again.

Can somebody just remind me though, when do I start to get days when I don't miss them anymore.......

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It can be really tough, and believe me I understand the missing them thing. On all my previous quite (and sometimes on this one) I missed my "old friend" so badly. It made me start again far too many times and I couldn't imagine being *me* without my ciggies - the first place people would go looking for me was Leper's Corner, how sad - but hey I haven't smoked now for 7 months and am glad!!

You obviously don't like smoking - if you did you wouldn't have kept trying to quit, but what might help you is (if you haven't already) reading Allen Carr or any of the similar books on it. Know Kat has a good one!!

It's hard, but you need to change how you think about cigarettes. For me, they were like a friend, always there for you and so on and they made me a bit less of a goody-goody 'cos smoking is naughty and good girls don't smoke, right? *But* that's all rubbish!!

They're not friends, they're nasty smelly sticks, they cost a fortune, they make your hair, clothes, breath and hands stink, they age you, stain your teeth, wreck your health and much more. And it isn't naughty to smoke, it's flipping stupid!!

It's a case of making the leap from thinking you're depriving yourself to realising you're freeing yourself. More money, better health, beter looks - what's to miss really? Especially as smoking now only fills the need the one you smoked an hour ago created.

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