No Smoking Day
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Day 4

I've made it to my fourth day and I must admit it hasn't been TOO difficult yet. I managed to get through a social situation without smoking last night so that's been the most difficult part so far.

However I believe that now is the time when the nicotine is more or less out of my system so my brain will be screaming out for it, so we'll see how that goes. As usual, one day at a time.

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Im right behind you icba......midday day 4.Had a social occ last night also and had my e-cig on stand-by,I am keeping it for emergencies and only used once.:)

cherries are in season and Im going through punnets instead of


Thanks for the encouragement Kat and Max. Glad to see it's still going well for you Carol. Eating cherries is a good idea - I might treat myself to a punnet tomorrow for not smoking. I've saved at least £20 this week already by not smoking so I think I deserve them.

I agree with what you're saying about the weekend Kat I will definitely need some distractions. It's going to be a warm weekend so everyone will be outside and it will be quite difficult. Hopefully I'll have 5 days behind me by then so it's something for me to think about as I won't want to start again at square one.


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