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3rd day

Hi everyone,

I am on my third day of not smoking today and already I am beginning to notice an improvement in my sense of smell. I also feel that I can breathe a bit easier as well although I'm not quite sure if that's just psychological. Either way it's going well I've just been keeping busy with housework and things like that so I'm not bored enough to smoke.

My Allen Carr book should be turning up today or tomorrow so I'm quite looking forward to having a read of that. I would have bought my second packet for the week normally, so that's about £15 I've saved so far which is nice :)

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day 3 for me also

hello icba,Im on the same day as you.Its early days I know but today has been ok(been shopping) and havnt really thought about it.Yeaterday was tough for me and I never caved so Im feeling a bit more confident.:)


Thanks for the advice Max. I think you're right and that taking it one day at time is a lot easier than looking too far in the future as you can devote all of your effort in to not smoking when the cravings come. I'm having a barbeque tonight which will be a bit of a test for me as I always tend to smoke in the hot weather. I will advise how I get on tomorrow when I move to the next forum.

Carol I think keeping busy definitely helps as it stops you thinking about cigarettes. I don't know about you but I tend to smoke a lot more when I am bored - ie when I get home from work in the evening and there is nothing to do around the house.


lol ....well daughter is having longed for baby so Im knitting and keeping my hands busy. A new baby is as big as incentive as there is so I really want to get it right this time.......Yes and taking one day at a time.:)we can spur each other on.

Max..thanks for your encouragement as always,it slightly embarrassing to come on again when all the people who quit round the time I did are well into mths now.But I bit the bullet because this forum is so helpful and just reading all the successful stories prods me on.

Also Kat, Gem and all the long termers,I am keeping Hellsbelles top tip thread as a favourite so I can get right on to it.Thanks again for the warm welcomed x


Icba / Carol Rose

I now pronounce you quit buddies! Baby steps, and as Max says it so important not to look too far ahead.

Fi x




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