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Tabex-Quit date 22-05-13 just over 6 weeks in


Posting this as I have been away from the boards for a while, and wasn't until I saw a post on one of my other threads from Jacques asking about Tabex that I realised I had been neglecting my self help diary.

As it stands 6 and a half weeks or so smoke free, finished the Tabex course around 2 weeks ago.

Strange feelings after the end of the pills, felt for a couple of days that I was 'buzzing', same as the strange feeling that you get after having a few drinks, not sober and not drunk, just strange.

As posted elsewhere, getting bleeding gums, spoken to dentist, he feels its due to cessation of smoking and the gums trying to repair some of the damage I have coursed over the last 20 years or so, informed me that smokers on average have 5 few teeth, something I hadn't realised, or maybe didn't want to.

Have as yet had no coughing up of crap, which some exhibit, whether that is still to come no idea, sleep patterns seem a lot calmer, unless interupted by outside forces, but thats life.

Missus and kids still overjoyed, big bonus. Had to laugh yesterday, an advert for stopping smoking came on, previously would have felt as guilty as hell, when they all look towards me, now I just beam a smile at them ;-)

Weather has been nice, had 2-3 BBQ's, would normally drink, eat, cook and smoke. Continued to do the first three, and although the thought for the fourth may pop in briefly, it never stays long.

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