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How quickly time goes

Half a year done and dusted! I'm so proud and yet a big part of me is still in disbelief- I can't believe how quickly it's flown by!

On another note, I really wish I had more time to come on here and offer my advice and support others, I know it is the hardest thing ever to give up and reading things on this site at the beginning of my quit was a huge factor in helping me quit.

I don't want to seem selfish or make excuses; unfortunately work, family, friends, just life in general, gets in the way and means I can't spend as long on here as I would like. I guess there is also a big part of me that feels if I'm on here writing about it I haven't really left smoking behind... And honestly I believe I have now. Days and weeks go past when I don't think about it and to be honest I don't want to write about it or read other people talk about it. It just doesn't feel like a part if me anymore. I only remembered the six month mark as an alert I set with steely determination back in January went off on my phone!

So all I can really say to any new quitters or those having a difficult day is to stick with it. Baby steps, deep breaths, don't look to far ahead and take it one day, hour even, at a time. I remember wanting to punch someone, screaming at my family and crying when cravings got too much. I remember walking round and round the block like a mad woman just to keep myself from picking up a rolly! I remember thinking I wouldn't be me or life wouldn't be enjoyable with smoking...How wrong was I?

So I really cant urge you all enough to STICK WITH IT - there will come a day when you don't think about it, or at least, are able to brush it off when you do. It does get easier. And I'm sure loads of people say this - but it's true!- if I can do it, anyone can! You just need self belief and determination. And when it wavers I think you need to read posts from people like me and all the others, who at the beginning of their quits could only imagine a life without smoking. And know its possible. And if they can do it, you can too.

I hope the next time I check in is in the penthouse. Boss and Babs and all other January quitters, I don't come on here enough to know if you are still here, but I hope you're on flying on your quits and I hope you'll all be there with me.

Love n light to the strongest bunch of people I don't-quite-know!



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Excellent work, many congratulations! Great advice for new quitters. Like yourself, I have n't contributed too much in here, but did find it an almost inspiring place to be in the early days, and I love popping back now and again.


Thank you all. Great to see you all still here and fab you're all doing so brilliantly.

I guess six months did affect me in some way as I just logged back on and re read some old posts. It's weird now to imagine all the Psychical and mental things I felt then...

Thank you all again and see you all in the penthouse!



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