No Smoking Day
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fFirst week complete (almost) :)

At 9pm this evening it will be 7 whole days since i had a cigarette :eek:

Very proud of myself, i wont say the cravings are getting any easier yet and the weekend was terrible as i didnt have work to take my mind off smoking. I was actually sweating i wanted one so much on Sunday morning :(

The down side i ate like a pig last week and gained 4.5lbs :( , that hurt a lot as have lost 5stone and its just taken me 5weeks to loose that much and bang its back on in a week!

Im still not sure i can cope with dieting and not smoking (i dont know if its me using stop smoking as an excuse not to diet or if it is actually too much to deal with both atm). I did however manage to just have a salad for lunch instead of last weeks chips and gravy!

Here's to the next 7 days, please god let them be easier than the last 7 :)

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Well done!!

That's a brilliant start :)

Don't stress too much about weight now 'cos quitting smoking is way harder than losing weight.

It is tougher when you're free - but the longer you go without smoking the more the associations fade :)


Great job!!!! I also gained weight since I have quit. But now that I can breathe I am more motivated to excercise. So - get through the no smoking thing first - then you can work on losing the weight and feel better doing it! Keep logging into this website - post as often as you need or want - and read all the other postings. Each one is full of helpful tips and encouragement. :D


well done getting the first week under your belt.......onwards and upwards toward s wk2:D


Well done Pee, a week is fantastic, you can do ths, good luck.


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