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I will introduce myself now. :cool::o:)

Smoked since 16. Reason for start: rebellion against domestic difficult situation. Did not feel confident to stop in the 20s because of eating disorders -also due to the domestic difficulties quoted above. Then at 29 I lost a baby and feeling again at risk with the eating disorders I postponed the quit until I was 32. That first quit lasted three months. Failed on the sad happenings of an ended relationship. Failed both, the quit and the relationship, but mostly I’d say I simply was not ready yet to handle a life without cigarettes. Stopped again five months and 12 days ago aged 36.

Sincerely hope this time will last. Grateful for this site and wish everyone good luck.


Tonight is a time I could really do with a smoke. Or maybe not. Just sent a message to my mother. She left when I was two and the last time we’ve met or spoke I was 17. Will she answer? I’d need that. You know, not the cigarette.

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Welcome to the forum!!! Well done for your excellent quit so far!! Fingers crossed for you that your mum responds.


Thank you Sjt13


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