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Day 16

This isn't the first time I have quit but hopefully I can see it through. After smoking for 22 years, and saying to myself that I enjoy it, I am going for another go at quitting. The funny thing about my addiction was that I created a life of not smoking during the working day; I am a teacher, and as there was very little opportunity to smoke during the day, it never happened. I smoked in the evening because I could.

It's been 16 days since the last cigarette, and I'm cold turkey. I get the cravings but they pass and my intention is to frequent this site to keep me at it. I have been checking out various posts over the last few day but finally thought I would register.

The silly thing is that I quit back in 2004 for a year! Then I thought I could just smoke the occasional cigar, which became two a day, which became maybe 5 cigs a day as it would be better and cheaper. I do feel better and I must keep telling myself that. Just need to persuade my sister, who still is of the opinion that other people get all the health problems associated with smoking!

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Welcome to the Forum my love. You are the second teacher I've answered today, Mimi just celebrated her 1 year quit anniversary. So follow in her footsteps, baby ones to begin with and try not to look too far ahead.

Fi x


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