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Have I had a relapse through second hand smoking?


Today is the 27th day of my freedom. But last night I went out with my friend, who is a heavy smoker. We were sitting in a park so it was outdoors, but he smoked a lot, and many times like 5-6 times I was inhaling its smoke directly before I realize it. I am a person full of obsessive thoughts, and I have doubts if I have had a relapse. I should tell you that from last night and all through today I had mental cravings with a bit of gloominess.

So is a relapse likely to have been happened?


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Nope you haven't. :)

You didn't smoke, so don't worry!!


If you didn't put a cig in your mouth and have a puff then you haven't had a relapse. Second hand smoke doesn't count:)


With drink I know they say if you haven't knowingly or willingly taken a drink then you haven't relapsed. Has to work with ciggies, so you're all good ;)


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