No Smoking Day
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Feeling so proud

I've hit the two day mark, YAY!! Awesome feeling, im shocked I've managed to make it so far, I was feeling iffy the first 24hrs and really thought I would have caved in by now.

I must admit there have been a few really bad craves and ive said F YOU nicotine in a not so quiet voice :D but being angry with the smokes through my craves seems to help me, and id rather that than take it out on someone I love. My partner is still smoking and isn't all that supportive which gets me down at times.

I've had a few thoughts today telling me that I like smoking "just have one and see if you like it" and "have just one more it won't hurt". I'm not sure what will happen if I do have one last smoke, but I no for sure I dont want to ever repeat these last few days and is no way worth that risk. Also I know I dont like smoking which is why I decided to quit in the first place, so it must be the addiction talking.

oh I also have a nasty flemmy cough and not sure if its part of my cold I had last week or if its to do with not smoking anymore, either way I wish it would go away

Feels like the hardest two days of my life, if I can do this I can do anything!!!

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Hey todaystheday,

Good on you for getting over that first day. The first three days are the toughest but I promise it does get easier! You are doing the exact same thing I did, shouting at the addiction. I imagined it as a bully in my head with me shouting in his face 'NOT again!' and it did the trick :D. What you are describing sounds pretty normal to me so hang in there you are doing great!

Just a pity your partner still smokes, but hopefully with you giving up they will realise they can too!. Oh, thye cough does get better too! Keep up the good work


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