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4 Years

Hi All

Its 4 years to day and I cant say its been easy. About 2 years in I got diagnosed with ulcerated colitis (at 52!) seemingly one of the side effects of smoking is to suppress colitis! Then at about 2 1/2 years I could not stop thinking about them woke up in the morning thinking about them went to bed thinking about them – no real desire to smoke just nonstop thinking about them, this lasted about 3 months and nearly drove me mad. Through it all the thing that keep me going or got me through was a piece of advice I got on this forum “how would starting to smoke again make things better”?

Everybody’s quit is different but we have all come against (and will again) times when the going gets tough and its for those few minutes that you really need something to focus on or distract you because nobody want to go through the hell of starting to quit again.

To any of you starting out, good luck, take it day by day, expect difficult days and have a plan to deal with them, it gets easier and IT IS WORTH IT.

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Congratulations on being 4 years down the road!

Sounds like you've had a rough journey but its great to have gotten here isn't it!:D


4 years is a massive achievement to stay smoke free :D

Well done on not giving into those smoking thoughts sorry to hear about the health probs :(


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