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Week 1 complete

Hi everyone, thought I would fill you in on my mission. I have completed my first week. The first few days were hell I felt like a skitso! ( it also coincided with my monthly!) I'd say the first 3 days were very hard, 4 and 5th day still hard but easier, and 6th and 7th didn't really think much of it to be honest just kept myself occupied. You have to start a new hobby and rearrange things in your day, mix up your routine. I am on the patch now the full strength one. Was chewing a couple of bits if gum the first few days, not chewing it now though. I have been eating like an utter greedy pig! I'm calorie counting now. Quick tip weigh yourself weekly and stay on top of your weight, otherwise your feel quilty for putting so much weight on and revert back to smoking. I know I ate to much chocolate and cake etc last week but it helped me during my skitso moments. Now u have mellowed out! Sorry to share but I was very constipated for 5 days didn't go at all, seems to have sorted itself out now though.

Hang in there those first few days are a killer stay focused, and boys remember you don't have to contend with the monthly donuts slightly easier for you! will update next week x

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Oh dear my iPhone changed 'so its' to doughnuts!! I sound like a fruit loop!!! Lol! I'm glad you treat yourself to doughnuts! :)


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