Would one hurt

Why do I want to smoke now?

Been smoke free for 45 days and it been a bit of a breeze after day 7, so why do I want to run up the shop buy a packet and light up??????

Don't worry I'm not going to I'd be letting myself and family and friends and all the people on here down if I did.

I'd heard that the nic demon creeps up on you and tries to catch you out, I thought it was a myth, it's not .

But he won't win

Got rid of my urge writing this post phew

Carry on the good fight


4 Replies

  • Good on you Dave, posting's the thing that got me through, nice demonstration of how it works ;)

  • Dave

    Good post. Well done, right approach, one would of course hurt, cigs don't come in singles! You know I think you've turned a corner this is the 'one for you'

    Fi x

  • Well done Dave. That nasty little sh**bag rears his ugly head at the most unexpected times. You just need to be on your guard and ready to fight! :D

    Glad to hear that you're finding the forum useful ;)

  • Stay fighting its worth the battle.

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