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Hello good folks of the forum,

I've quit now for (checks the calender) 22 days (it's amazing how quickly you stop thinking about how long you've quit for and start enjoying the fact that yer a non smoker :)). Overall I feel great, I went out on my bike the other day and rode 20 miles and it felt sooo much better than when I was smoking!.

Anyhoo, my question is, I am waking up in the mornings and sometimes coughing still, is this normal to still be getting the rubbish out of my lungs after this length of time? Also, my sleep pattern has been shot to peices the last 4 weeks, does this sort itself out too?

Just wanted to add, thanks for the support from everyone here, it's been great and I must admit, quitting has not been as much of a slog through hell as I thought it was gonna be! In some bizarre kind of way I have actually enjoyed facing down that demon, haha :D.

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Hey doooofus;)

Im just marginally ahead of you in terms of days and can SOOOOOOOOO relate to what you are describing.

My sleeping is all over the show and in fact has defnitley got worse this last week or so.

And as for the coughing up gunk - just started this morning - how weird all this time on....

Big well done to you for fighting the demon - keep going, i have no doubt you will by getting this far:)


I had weird sleeping patterns!

Id be really tired and finding myself wanting to sleep super early

I found it really annoying. A few weeks on from day 22 and its ok now for me. I havent noticed it as much

hope that helps



Thanks for the replies everyone, they are a great help as always!. There is something very comforting about having people around who I can talk to who are going through the same thing as me :) Awesome stuff.


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