No Smoking Day
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Day 5

Well I am not going to make a fuss about it but I am begining day 5 of not smoking any real fags. I'm still not sure whether this counts as I am using an e-cig. However for anyone else who has tried and failed to quit cold turkey I would say this is worth a go.

Now I have tried the e-cig's that you can get at the newsagents etc before and in my opinion they are slightly better than useless but only just. Last week a friend gave me a website address for these ones that he uses. I gave them a go and aside from being a bit messy till you get the hang of refilling they are so good that you don't miss normal fags AT ALL.

Are they cheap ? Well the starter pack is £50 and refill liquid is £8 so I guess it depends on how much you smoke as to how quick you get your money back.

This is definitely not an advert as I say I'm not even sure that that I have quit, so if possible go cold turkey but if you really really can't manage that then well it's working for me.

If you want to try then google OK Smokey.

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