No Smoking Day
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6 months today :)

Wow :eek: I can hardly believe that it's been 6 months since I had a cigarette, it's gone so fast...

This is the longest I've ever quit for (except for when I was pregnant & that was a long time ago!!) I can honestly say that stopping smoking is one my biggest achievements & I'm so glad that I'm a non smoker :)

Here's to the next 6 months & beyond :D

Denise x free after 34 years of the evil weed x

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Great news Denise and many congratulations. I knew you could do it:)


Oh that's fab!! Huge well done Denise!!


Well done Denise, it's a great feeling to know we are beating this, well done you xxx


Well done Denise fantastic milestone! Keep it going:)


Well done Denise, you must feel amazing.:)



Brilliant my love, and fab, just fab. So pleased for you:

Fi x


Thank you all, I don't post on here much anymore but i'm so grateful for all the support you've all given to me... :)


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