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dentist visit - reason 83,543 why never to smoke again


ok, so ive had this horrible sensitive teeth thing going on since i quit - bloomin' painful.

tonights visit to the dentist was yet another lightbulb moment.

he explained the expected - that everythign is just coming back to life, blood flow is back and therefore sensitivity is natural for a few weeks or so.


heres the clincher.........

he showed me an x ray of a tooth i am having particular problems with and showed where 20 years of smoking has started to essentially eat away at the bone around the tooth/gum thus causing some additional pain. he told me in no uncertain terms that if i had not quit i would be facing dentures in the not so distant future - BLIMEY - I AM ONLY 40:eek::rolleyes:

NOPE - not one puff ever


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Eek that's scary!!

Know they have the pics on the packets with the gappy teeth and so on but you never think about it happening to you :S

I got away with just needing a bit of whitening gel but that's definitely a good reason not to spark up again :eek:

That is exactly what has happened to me, three of my front :eek: teeth, have only 3 mm of root left in the bone, I have to go back to the dentist every month for n hour of treatment to clean down at the root to stop any infection, as the teeth can fall out:eek:

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