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wk 5 & 24/7 cigarette thoughts finally subsiding


never thought this day would come. I am finally getting my life back, or maybe re-starting my life, without obsessing about cigarettes every minute or every day.

yesterday i sat outside my favourite cafe in the sun, ordered a coffee and cake, read the paper and as i walked away realised for the FIRST time in the quitting process that the thought of a cigarette hadn't even crossed my mind:D

you all told me on here that this day would come and i know there will be temptations along the way and there will be triggers which may haunt me for some time but in any event - its progress...thankyou:)

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Now that is flipping fantastic!!

Well done Newstart :D :D


thankyou - i feel bloomin marvellous and for the first time DARN PROUD of myself.

and it wouldnt be without you gals my bestest quitting its time to start repaying that support....


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