checking in

Hello everyone!

Just to let you know im still here, Im not sure where im supposed to be posting so thought id start this week in here.

Had a fab weekend and didnt think about smoking, apart from once. I was on a boat on the sea and the captain/skipper sparked up on the journey home and I thought Ew. Isnt this counted as a work place? Naughty man

It was quite windy thank goodness so i didnt have to put up with much of his fag.

Had a fab weekend, and spent some saved fag money on a day out for me and the OH. It was so great :D

Pinch Punch everyone :p

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  • I left my patch at home by accident. It was my last step 1 patch anyway. So ive started my step 2 patch today!

    A day early but hey im feeling confident :D

  • Day 2 of step 2

    so today im on day 2 of the smaller patches. all seems good so far :D

    hope you are all ok :)

  • Just booked my reward tickets for this month

    at the beginning of august im off to HARRY POTTER WORLD!!!

    omg cant wait!!

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