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Month 3

I'd would like to formally welcome LI and myself to month 3. It has been a difficult 2 months up to now with various physical, mental and emotional challenges at various degrees of difficulty.

Curse you nicodemon! Both LI and I have resolved to accept the fact that the craving, especially the ones related to habit, will not totally disappear. Dammit!

Had it not been the support for each other I think both of us would have caved by now. Cudos to LI for making her cold-turkey quit under extremely difficult conditions, especially with the complications after the back operation. Not many can put that on their CV of Life!

So we take it day by day (and sometimes minute by minute), but I am glad we stopped smoking. Nothing good comes from it. Nothing! No matter how hard we try to convince ourselves otherwise.

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I take it Licorice all sort by licorice all sort!


But I have to say, thanks! Thanks for supporting me when I struggle, like tonight. You really are my rock. Thanks my love!

Yeah, month 3 here we are, are you ready for us?!


Wow, today is day 62 already and no one bothered to congratulate us or anything. Think we tee'd someone off?

Oh well, I am not doing it for anyone here except for you, me and the kids! Stay strong my love!


Congrats to my SA buddies!!!

Congrats to you both and welcome to Month 3! Sorry I missed your anniversary! I haven't been on here for a few days!!

I'm so glad you made it to month 3. Roll on month 4! My hubby and I are also doing this together and it really helps!


I'm so sorry I missed your anniversary. I was having a bad day yesterday. Nothing to do with smoking :) Congratulations on 2 full months.


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