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Hi all, my last ciggy was 10am this morning so 7 hours down and a long way to go but it's a start

Me and my girlfriend are expecting our baby come Xmas time so have both decided that now is the time to kick the habit and are going to get through it together

The cravings weren't to bad up until about hour 5 which coincidentally was when I started work. I'm now sat in the office till 11pm and am starting to get ratty now and biting at people a lot

The frustration is building and I don't feel I'll smoke but some unfortunate customer may just feel the wrath soon :D

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Hello and welcome.

This will be one of the best decisions of your life, and of your baby.

The first three days are the worst, but try and keep yourself occupied and post frequently. We have all been through what you are going through, so have understanding and compassion.

Just keep reminding yourself of your reasons for quitting

All the best :)

Thanks people

Feeling great now after the stress of a few hours. Made me think that if I can handle it under stress the rest should take care of it self :)

Approaching hour 11 now on day 1. Feel fine in myself apart from a slight headache that is persisting but maybe that's just the stress I'm putting myself under

Haven't had a Coffee all day but am going to attempt one now. I'm actually very surprised it hasn't effected me as much as I thought it would

I was at a meeting at the local stop smoking centre this morning and he said it wouldn't be as hard as I thought it was going to be. He was bang on so far

Thanks Kat. Yeah I'm finding that, earlier on when I was home I went outside and just kicked a Football off a wall. Neighbours must have thought I was barmy :D but it really helped just to take my concentration to something else

In the office it's harder but I'm finding like you say spending time online in the downtime and just generally not looking at the clock best I can (Even though everyone does that at work :cool:)

Well done you - to echo max, imagine how proud you will feel being a non smoker dad.

The key is to find other things to occupy your mind although i defy any quitter to tell me that they thought about anything other than cigarettes 24/7 for the first few days!

The one mantra i have used from day 1 which keeps me going day in day out is "the one reason i will not have a cigarette is simple - because i am never going through this again". For every minute you stay quit, the nearer you are to never going back again and undoing all that hard work.

Keep going - you're doing great....

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