17 years Lived + 5 Years smoked

Hey All!

I'm Nikhil, 22 years old guy from cochin, kerala, India.

I wish to stop my f8ckin smoking started from my pre college life.

I hav'nt yet tried stopping before.

I had smoked daily 4-6 cigarrettes.

I have stopped smoking on 24th June 2013

Last smoked on 23rd June 2013 : 09.32 PM

Train/Guide me to a good life team...

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  • Hello Nikhil

    Welcome to the forum and congratulations on your quit.

    Take one day at a time, small baby steps. Sips of water will help with the cravings and before you know it the days will turn into weeks.

    Stay strong and take care.

    May x :)

  • Successfully survived day two

    Thanks May.

    I took my second turn...

    I wash my face time to time this helped me to keep away from cig.

    And drinking water is also helped me

  • Hi and welcome :)

    distraction is the key till the crave passes and the further into the quit you go the easier it will become

    Well done on deciding to win your freedom back


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