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No Smoking Day
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Day 6, still going

Hello again everyone,

So today is my day 6 of CT and still haven't had any NRT or even a single puff. Even the smokers i live with has been smoking outside so i don't even think im getting second hand stuff :)

Anyways, ive set myself 10 days to be completely over this, i think once i get to the 10 day mark the only thing to ever set me back would be alcohol but im not a big drinker at all so might hold out for another month or so before attempting that, have my brain completely trained.

I was expecting to be coughing crap up by now that was in my lungs but i haven't so much as coughed let alone cough stuff up, anyone know about this? I was smoking at 30 a day over my last year there so theres bound to be some crap in my lungs lol

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