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Mood swing saviour

Ok, I've been on the natural supplement, Rhodiola (or Golden Root) for a week now. I've used the liquid extract as a) It's cheaper & b) It gets into your system quicker & you can control the amount you have. There has been a MARKED difference in my moods. They are more even, no more depression or rages, thank goodness (the family's thrilled) I feel more positive & the dreams are much less psychedelic! The only side effect is that it takes me longer to drop off to sleep but my energy levels have increased too so I can keep myself going &, by the time I get to bed, I'm ready for sleep. All in all, though pricey, it's been well worth it so it's a thumbs up for me :D

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It's definitely improved things. Just tried it on the off chance...& feel a whole lot better. The fact that it's natural stuff is even more of a bonus. Great stuff!


yay for natural remedies

Definitely! I second that! ;)


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