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Day 4 :)


Hey again everyone,

For anyone that didnt see my day 3, im the new guy to the forums and just wanted to post my update. i was a 20+ a day smoker for over 5 years and im currently on my day 4 cold turkey, not going to bad, im not long awake so have a craving now but expecting it to pass and then have a good day going foward.

When is it we can classify ourselves as official non smokers?

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Hi James

You are doing so well, the cravings will get easier and easier to deal with, so stay strong.

Officially, you will be classed as a non smoker after a year, but I class myself as a non smoker now after 5 months.

Good luck on your journey.

Hiya James :)

Well done on going cold turkey, and on stopping when you're young. Believe me it gets a lot harder even at 28 :eek:

The craves do pass, and the longer it is since your last smoke the easier they are to deal with!!

If you're not smoking you're a non-smoker in my eyes :)

Can't keep waiting for something to change - the only difference between a smoker and a non-smoker is that one lights a cigarette and that's the smokers choice. It's always your choice.

Ok, struggling quite hard at the minute, I had like 2 hours of jogging and tried my best to stay distracted today but at this moment in time, I'm seconds of jumping in the car to buy some.. :/ really bad suddenly

Hang in there James, you are doing so well. The crave will pass, maybe suck a sweet, have a long bath, watch a movie,behave an early night, anything but give in.

Keep remembering why you quit. Stay strong.

Hope you're still with us James, keep posting, four days is great going.....;)

Keep going James it does get easier and easier honest! Do it now whilst you still have youth and health on your side.:)

Still clean, since my last post though I've been literally sweating it, think

This is rock bottom

It does clear though; if you're serious about quitting (and I'm sure you are!) then stick with this quit now because you're four days in. Why put yourself through it again? This forum is all the aid I've used so far, same as you. Keep posting no matter how you feel, you CAN do this :cool:

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