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21 days completed

Hi everyone,

Just checking in-- today marks 21 days of no smoking for me! Thanks to this forum, allen carr's easy way book, and reading all i can on smoking and addiction, i am now a confirmed non-smoker, and happy to say so!

Before, i never wanted to admit to being a smoker. Now that i am smoke free, i am proud to say that i am an ex-smoker, and i believe it is one of the hardest addictions to break. Also in the past, i made it this far without smoking, and then stupidy thought i could smoke again without being addicted. I now know, i doesn't work that way, and i am so happy to be free of the trap of cigarettes!

How different i sound now, compared to one week out, when i was still looking for any excuse to light up! You know, everyone said that it would get easier, and i am so glad that i believed them and held out, because it's true! I realized about halfway through this week that i hadn't thought about smoking at all lately. I am so happy that i never have to smoke again :)

Thank you so much everyone for your help!!! This forum truly saved the day for me when it came to quitting smoking, and i just want to say that i appreciate that so much! And, i will still be around, but maybe lurking a bit more than posting.

It's really true (for me anyway) that once you buy into the idea that there IS NOT really anything enjoyable about smoking, (despite what i believed for years), you don't want to do it anymore. So, thank you, and best wishes to everyone!

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Hi Rainbowie

What an achievement - you should be so proud :):)

Well done you!!!! x:D


Brilliant stuff Rainbowie!!! It's really great to read such a positive post.

Well done!!



21 Days!!! That is fantastic Rainbowie!!! Keep that wonderful positive attitude!!! :D


Awesome stuff Rainbowie! I feel a certain kinship with you as I quit on the same day :). You are right about everything you say, you should feel justifiably proud to now be an ex-smoker, good work!


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