No Smoking Day
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Getting There

Well it's day three, almost to the hour.

My plans to sleep another few hours off the day didn't work my four legged monster decided it was time to get up at 7:30 which just happens to be almost exactly three days since my last fag.

I'm hoping I can have a productive day today as well as avoid a stink stick.

I'm feeling pretty confident, don't want to get over confident though! I reckon I'm at the point where my willpower is strong enough to reach for the ecig instead of buying real ones for the shop.

As long as nothing happens to upset me. I reckon I've got a decent chance of not letting anything get to me.

There's a big row with the plumber brewing, he's bought the wrong boiler and didn't even ask me if it was what I wanted before he installed it. It was plumbed in before I knew it, I was waiting for him to get back to me with prices and options.

If I complain he's not going to sort it, he'll just rip it out and walk off the job. Finding a good plumber who's immediately available will be a nightmare and will hold up the rest of the job. I'm managing very well without a bath or shower, going round to OH's etc, but I'm sensibly craving a nice long hot bath, best stress relief to replace smoking.

I reckon I'm coping well with this little disaster, well I'm ignoring it so OK maybe not. My dad will be fuming! He'll put pressure on me to fire the plumber. I knew there'd never be a builder good enough for his daughter so I was hoping to keep him out of the job as much as possible. But the builders can't do the very simple final phase of the electrics so they're expecting my dad to do it because he did the first phase - he is an electrician btw. So I've had to call on him. He'll spend today criticizing their work and making me paranoid it's all going to fall down. I just hope he doesn't start ripping it out!

I'm getting myself worked up here. This is my house, my money that's paying for it, I choose the builders as carefully as I could, I'm delighted with the quality of their work so for, I'm happy with the price they've charged me so far, I'm too busy at work to be messing about, I just want a usable bathroom and an end to the constant dust asap.

Grrr, I was feeling very positive before I let this start whizzing round in my head.

I'll be asking my dad to help me choose a shower and radiator to make sure I get the right one. A second opinion is always a good thing and OH is away. But my dad will go ape at me walking into B&Q and saying - that one. He'll say OK, now shop around, don't pay that. So what am I supposed to do, go online and get a cheaper one, if it's faulty returning it can be a nightmare, there could be problems with delivery which would delay the job. Take a day off work and go through the yellow pages. I work alone so if I take time off work the work doesn't get done and I have to deal with customers screaming blue murder at me. I can expect to be chained to my office from 8am to 6pm every weekday. Of course the places to get the best prices aren't open weekends. I know walking into B&Q isn't the cheapest option but it is the simplest, quickest, surest, least stressful!

Waaa!! No, I am just going to have to be firm with my dad and tell him it's my decision but I still want his help and advice?!!?!?! Seems rude to me. Ah blooming 'eck. I avoid conflict like the plague at the best of times, without the fags I'm even more keen to avoid any sort of upset. My dad is the very best of men and I don't want to offend or disappoint him, I'd be mortified. But I want this job finished so I need to make sure the builders have the materials they need when they need them. Grrrrr!!! Waaaaaa!!!

Gotta break this silly cycle.

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Right, shower chosen, decision made no messing about.

I just need daddyo to check the cable I have is powerful enough - I did tell him to use the most powerful one so it should be ok.


That was a quick decision! Well done. Ets hope the rest of the day les smoothly too. Just remember smoking won't help at all - you will just feel worse due to failing!!!


Thanks for reminding me of that. You're right, if I smoke all I'll feel is guilty as well as peeved.

Grrrr, the towel rail I want won't fit.

I was saying over and over since the beginning of the job I want to speak to the plumber before I choose the fittings, I'm paying a professional to do a professional jobs so I think I have the right to pick his brains to help me avoid buying the wrong stuff, paying over the odds or buying cheap rubbish.

No communication from the plumber.

The builders turn round to me, we need the bathroom suite now. Ok so I choose and order the bathroom suite based on my own judgement.

Again with the tiles, no input from the plumber. Even though originally he said he's source them.

The shower should be going in next week so I've got today to source that. The towel rail will be going in this week too. I even asked the blooming plumber, when will you be wanting the shower because I haven't ordered it yet? "Oh whenever". Thank goodness I have the common sense to know that he's going to be wanting it this week. Grrrr.

I didn't realize that the electric outlet for the towel rail needed to be fitted so early on. So they caught me off guard, asking for the dimensions of the towel rail. I picked something like from B&Q, they said oh it's no problem they're all the same. So outlet fitted to the left hand side of the towel rail as shown in B&Q. I choose the one I want, much cheaper than B&Q and it's right hand fit. Another £20 for the B&Q one. Grrrrr. And that's flipping out of stock, not available for delivery grrrrrr.

This is frustrating. The builders want to get the job done, get paid and get on with the next job - yay. They don't want to be working round the stuff that's going in the rooms until they need it - understandable. But when they need it, they need it now, they need to know exactly what I'm getting to know the dimensions before it's fitted. I wanted the professional's advice before I hand over my hard earned but i just seem to be making rush decisions and getting second choices or paying over the odds to get it now.

Grrrrr Grrr Grr Waaaa Waaaa Waaaa

Winge Winge winge and rant rant rant

Sorry for going on, but I figure this is the right place to "dump" all this, get it all straight in my head then when my dad arrives I have a firm decision and a clear head so he's less likely to stress me out screaming about the lousy plumber.

I can't remember whose advice it was I read yesterday but I'm going to take it, I'm going have another brew and an ecig, get dressed then take the dog out for a walk before my dad gets here.

Can't believe I've been sat on the flippin putter all morning looking at blooming showers and radiators. Sick of the sight of 'em!


Ah, flip, thank you for reminding me Max, it's not somersetting he's interested in celebrating so i tend to forget but you're right, I should avoid having a blow out with him.

Unfortunately avoiding the subject isn't an option as that's why he's coming round and these decision's can't wait, at least not without holding the job up and leaving me without a shower / bath for longer which I think might be worse in the long run.

At least i should have hot water by the end of the day.

Anyway doggie walkies.


Hi Bridie, You are doing so well, 3 days!

It is a pain regarding the boiler but wait and see what your plumber says, it may not be the one you chose but it 'may' be a better one that was on offer at the wholesalers- what and see, no point getting stressed until all facts are known. Can the towel rail have a longer connection cable to fit it.? Having a cig will not swap the boiler, change the towel rail or wire and plumb in your shower, and with no hot water you cant wash the smell out of your hair :D

Just think, you have got through these stresses smoke free and without the support of OH, well done you(however, if he's anything like mine, it's easier to do these things alone and he's a sparky too:eek:)

Hope you enjoy your walk and remember don't take any money

Trea xx


Thanks Trea, you are quite right.

Water off a ducks back eh! I was stressing over nothing.

I didn't get my walk because my dad arrived early. Like me he's delighted with the building work and the care the builder has taken so approval there.

He's very peeved with the plumber but he's not suggesting I rip it out and start again he's just getting on with the electrical install.

Surprisingly he's not arguing with my "I want the best shower I can possibly afford" attitude. I found it online and it's all ordered so all good, assuming it arrives ok . . .

He reckons he can change the towel rail if absolutely necessary. But actually B&Q being out of stock of my first choice forced me to do more shopping round and I found an almost identical one with a stonking guarantee and about double the power. More expensive of course but my dad was saying, waw that'll get your bathroom toasty! So if he think's it's a little excessive it should be about right for my crappy circulation. But hopefully that'll improve now I've quit smoking. Yay!

So all done, flooring chosen too. Just got to knuckle down at work now to find the pennies (I wish it was!) I've just spent.

As I thought, spending the day with my non-smoking dad from whom I have always hidden my nasty habit, has made getting through this morning pretty easy going.

Oh and Trea, you're so right! I've packed my OH off on holiday for 10 days. He's safe from having his head bitten off and I'm safe from his phaffing, don't think I could get through this with him around!


so glad you are of the duck's back brigade ;)

mind you I think I would have taken the holiday myself...however, that would mean OH having control over buying things...not a good idea, hope you are enjoying your time with your dad.

(Ps does OH smoke?)


Nah, I think I'm better off throwing myself into work, I prefer to relax when I get rare time off work.

OH doesn't smoke fortunately. I see people on here quitting when their partners are still smoking, I don't know how they get through the first day with temptation staring them in the face! Hats off to them!

He does want me to quit and is sending lots of well done texts. But he / we can't cope with the, well with my moods without nicotine. We rub each other up the wrong way and if I don't walk away for a fag it ends up in an unholy row. So I'm hoping to get the worst of the withdrawal over with then he can take me out for dinner and tell me how well I've done. We'll have missed each other too so it should be all sweetness and light for a week or two.

I've put so much thought into getting as much stress off my plate as humanly possible. It's quiet at work but there's still lots of boring admin I can throw myself into, but if I feel the need to curl up on the couch and cry then I can blow off the work. The building dust is very annoying but it's a good place to throw all my aggression and anger! Plus there's the incredible feeling I'll be getting when my bathroom and living room are finally finished. And the decorating to keep me busy too. All the new bits and bats to treat myself to by way of very healthy rewards.

I'm feeling pretty chuffed with how well I've chosen the time to do this. I know I won't get a better chance until next year.


Day three almost over and no stinky sticks!!!!

Wa hey, so proud of myself.

It was so nice to spend time with my dad without thinking "I wish he'd hurry up and go so I can have a fag". He doesn't "do" fathers day but this is the best present I could have given him. I haven't actually told him thu, he'll just never catch me smoking again.


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